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Difficult Decisions

Signs you will need to make a difficult decision soon. If your Shih Tzu has:

  • Increasing dental issues

  • Deterioration of mobility (difficulty ascending stairs, crossing slick floors, standing and finally lifting head)

  • Dry skin and loss of hair

  • Loss of bladder and anal sphincter control (beginning with eliminating in strange places)

  • Lack of self-grooming

  • Increased self-isolation

  • Dulling eyes

  • Continued weight loss without any sign of other illnesses

It is time to make a difficult decision if your Shih Tzu:

  • Is losing their sense of coordination if you observe them stumbling or having trouble controlling their muscles

  • Stops eating for an extended length of time or the amount of food he eats keeps reducing

  • Is breathing slower than usual or having problems catching his or her breath

  • Has gums that are turning visibly paler

  • Has muscle tremors (twitching, shaking, and a dip in body temperature) often following by dehydration and not eating

  • Has a lower body temperature than usual

  • Is vomiting regularly

Making your Shih Tzu comfortable

Provide a clean, warm, quiet environment. Offer smaller high-quality meals at appropriate frequencies and fresh, clean water. Approach him or her quietly to prevent startling them and calmly touch him. Keep familiar scents and textures close.

Make plans

As hard as it is to think of losing our companions, we know it will happen. Having a plan for the future can make that time less stressful for you and your pup and allow you to focus on spending quality time with your pet in their final moments. Take photos and videos.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

This is a difficult time. Be kind to yourself. Find support from friends, family or other pet owners. Surround yourself with other pets or develop new routines to distract yourself. Do what works for you.

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