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What should I get? A Male or a Female?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

When people as look for Shih Tzu puppies, the majority of the time people want a girl. In general most people think that a female makes the better pet. However, from my experience and from talking with other owners and breeders, we have found boys to be more loving, affectionate, and eager to please their owner! Not to say girls are not loving. They may also think females will be smaller. There are puppies of all sizes and the smaller ones are not always the females! Lets look at some of the pros and cons of each sex:



More affectionate, outgoing, and attentive (wanting to be close to owner). More accepting of other pets and children. Eager to please

Affectionate but slightly more independent. Can be moody and likes more time on their own.

Bond more with females but bond with the whole family

Bond early, more with males, and more often to an individual than the whole family.

Instinct to lift their leg to mark their territory (can be significantly decreased or prevented by neutering early before the instinct kicks in).

Has usually two heat cycles a year during which the female will have discharge and behavior changes (can be eliminated by spaying early).

Tend to be more dominant and territorial (marking) and display sexualized behavior (humping). These behaviors can be prevented or reduced with early neutering and proper training.

Slightly more aggressive (especially with other females) and may fight or display sexual behaviors to show dominance or superiority. Females can also display territorial behavior (marking). These behaviors may be reduced with spaying.

Easier to potty train but may have more difficulty with behavioral training as they are easily distracted.

Easier to do behavioral training as females mature faster than males but can be more difficult to potty train as they can be stubborn.

Looks cuter in a bow?

Every dog is unique and a pet's personality and behaviors are most likely to be influenced by their environment and how the owner trains them, not by their biological sex.

The decision of whether to get a male or a female puppy is entirely dependent on the preference of the owner-to-be. Keep an open mind when choosing your puppy!

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