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Inna - Sun Is Up (Ultra Music)

The track was received favorably, with music critics praising its composition and referring to it as a highlight on the album and in Inna's career. It won in the Best Song in the Balkans from Romania for 2010 category at the 2011 Balkan Music Awards, while also receiving nominations at the 2011 Radio România Actualităţi and Romanian Music Awards, and 2012 Radar Media Awards. To promote "Sun Is Up", an accompanying music video was shot by Alex Herron in late August 2010 in Marbella, Spain, and uploaded onto Inna's YouTube channel on 30 September 2010. She further promoted the recording through various live performances. Commercially, "Sun Is Up" reached the top 10 in several countries, while awarded certifications in Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Inna - Sun Is Up (Ultra Music)

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"Sun Is Up" won the Eurodanceweb Award in 2010, an online music contest, with 184 points, marking Romania's highest position in that competition. She was ranked in third place by the online voting, but she won following the decision of a jury panel consisting of various journalists, music producers, disc jockeys and radio stations.[32] The single also won Best Song in the Balkans from Romania for 2010 at the 2011 Balkan Music Awards,[33] while receiving nominations in the Pop/Dance Song of the Year, Best Dance and Song of the Year categories at the 2011 Radio România Actualităţi and Romanian Music Awards, and 2012 Radar Media Awards, respectively.[34][35][36]

An accompanying music video for "Sun Is Up" was uploaded onto Inna's official YouTube channel on 30 September 2010,[37] preceded by the release of a making-of video on 30 August and a preview on 27 September 2010.[7][38] It was filmed by Alex Herron in Marbella, Spain on 24 August 2010.[38] The video begins with Inna walking cross a river in the middle of a forest, dressed up in green. This is followed by her getting ready for a photoshooting session with Tore Frisholm Jr. with various make-up artists. Subsequently, Inna is shown bathing and singing naked in a jacuzzi in front of a mountain area, as well as dancing at a party and being pictured by Frisholm privately. The clip continues in a similar way, closing with Frisholm and Inna standing close to each other at sunset.[37] The visual received notable airplay on Romanian television, peaking at number four on Media Forest's TV Airplay Chart in October 2010.[39]

Detroit native but Austin, Texas-based producer DJ Girl (Planet Euphorique, Vanity Press) has had bodies contorting on the dancefloor into shapes the human body probably isn't supposed to make, such is the energy of her irresistible brand of mongrel dance music. She arrives on Planet Mu with 'Hellworld' seamlessly integrating fragments of electro, techno, Miami bass, acid, footwork and whatever else she requires to get hips and asses moving. These are dirty, rugged tracks with strong U.S. midwestern heritage, all primed for sweaty moments of euphoria.

As he's partly responsible for one of the greatest tracks of all time (Total Freedom's Bitch Better Have My Money edit), I've always had a soft spot for Sami Baha. His new album is a compelling document of the state of contemporary "club" music, and features guest spots from UK Drill superstar Dimzy, as well as Yung Lean and Egyptian MCs Dawsha and Abanob.

Claude Speeed has returned, and he's turning up the heat. For Infinity Ultra, his second LP, he has channelled an impressive array of musical and psycho-geographical influences. Children's cartoons, grand artworks and vacant, deserted spaces all played their parts in the conception of this record. All the better for him to process the madness and contradictions of modern living. On Planet Mu.

Lit Harness is the first full-length solo release from Asher Levitas, after many appearances as part of Old Apparatus. This record has that hulking dark droning bass-music sound to it, like a sinister club buried deep underground and attacked by flares of distortion and whipcracks of digital noise. Heavy stuff, on Planet Mu.

Electronic artist Hieroglyphic Being is nomadic with his genre styles, moving through the sounds of modern electronic techno and house into industrial and harsher noise aesthetics. He never stops making, releasing and inventing new music. 'The Seer of Comic Visions' can, as a result, act as a wee guide for the perplex, as it collects cuts from his discography so far that have been curated to make up a new album. There's lots of variation around the electronics here, going from heavy, distorted compositions to very chilled drones.

Originally released in 2011, Planet Mu now re-release Kuedo's now classic album 'Severant' on double vinyl with a bonus track. Made by one half of acclaimed electronics duo Vex'd, it hits the sweet spot between a host of electronic music genres including future synth, footwork, kosmische soundscapes and heart pulling Balearic and chill-wave. Deserved second go round for a catch-all classic. 041b061a72


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