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Tekla Extensions Download VERIFIED

Boosting productivity, saving time, and getting more accuracy! Discover the newest Fit Objects, List Manager, and the Navisworks and Revit Import extensions and why you should download those from Tekla Warehouse right now.

Tekla Extensions Download

Having said that, did you know that in addition to the new features and improvements shipping with the newest Tekla Structures version, you can also add content from Tekla Warehouse to suit your needs? For example, you can download extensions that will facilitate your modeling work or even take it to the next level.

Say goodbye to hassle and hello to simplicity. These extensions allow you to import Revit and Navisworks files directly into Tekla Structures as reference or overlay models for coordination, clash checking, and constructability reviews.

Get the Importing Revit as Reference Model extension here. Watch our Webinar What's New for Cast-In-Place to find out what other extensions, improvements, and features are now available.

You can import Tekla Structures .tsep extensions ( Tekla Structures extension package) to the Applications & components catalog. First download the extension from Tekla Warehouse , and then import it to the catalog.

Tekla Structures Extension Gallery is a program that provides an easy-to-use way to find, launch and organize extensions. The gallery is context dependent, so it shows drawing plugins and macros when a drawing is open and model macros otherwise. In addition to the extensions that are automatically discovered, custom programs can be added to the gallery manually.


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