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Christian Turner
Christian Turner

1992 Crosby Bing White Christmas Vinyl Lp

A white vinyl version of the above album released in 2014 was re-mastered and re-released in a Walmart-exclusive limited edition format in time for the 2019 Christmas season. It sold out quickly to flippers and now commands two-to-four times its $17.99 list price in the online marketplaces.

1992 crosby bing white christmas vinyl lp

*** ABOUT PRE-OWNED VINYL *** DescriptionWe make every effort to describe vinyl accurately. On occasion their may be drop down selection for different versions/conditions. If we only have 1 copy available, you will see it described in more detail, here on the products detail page. Please read over the condition carefully. We describe both the record jacket and the vinyl record. We will also let you know if it contains a printed inner-sleeve and or other inserts such as lyric sheet and describe those as well. If nothing is listed it is not included.Professionally CleanedAll of our pre-owned records are professionally cleaned and placed in a premium rice paper, anti-static master inner-sleeve, not one of those cheap white paper sleeves. We also place the outer record jacket in a new 3 mil poly sleeve which protects the jacket cover and spine, providing durability and longevity. When your vinyl arrives it will arrive shipped outside the the jacket. This provides further protection from damage. Please make sure you purchase the $5 insurance at checkout which covers your purchase from postal damage and harm. 041b061a72


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