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Buying Audiobooks On Amazon [WORK]

Overdrive completely overhauled its main mobile app a few years ago and reintroduced itself as Libby. The Libby app is top-notch: smooth and user-friendly with very few hiccups, in my experience. Any audiobooks you check out of the library will populate in Libby, and you can listen to them without even leaving the app. Libby is available for both Android and Apple devices.

buying audiobooks on amazon

To discover why many people turn to audiobooks, we polled 100 American audiobook consumers. When asked why they listen to audiobooks, 93% of Americans listen to audiobooks because they can do something else while listening.

You can let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about this free audiobooks procedure. This may not work with all the countries, unfortunately, but I hope they bring this to all of us soon.

By signing up to Audible on the standard membership, you receive one new audiobook every month you are a member. You can choose from a range of membership plans and which one you have will determine how many Audible 'credits' you receive each month, which can be exchanged for audiobooks on the service.

If you are using a device like a smartphone, you can search and download from the app. If you are on a laptop or computer, you can buy audiobooks through the usual Amazon site, just make sure you're logged in.

To do this, you need to log into your account on the Audible website and click on 'Account Details' from the drop-down menu under your name. From here you can choose 'Purchase History' to see a list of all the audiobooks you've bought.

If you own ebooks purchased through Amazon's Kindle service or audiobooks from Audible, you can listen to them through your Echo device. Alexa reads to you using the same text-to-speech tricks that allow Amazon's voice assistant to read news, calendar appointments, and other items.

Alexa can access books purchased from the Kindle store(Opens in a new window), those obtained through Kindle Unlimited(Opens in a new window), and ones shared with you via the Kindle Family Library. If you subscribe to Audible or purchase any audiobooks, Alexa can pipe those books through your Echo device as well, and you can tell Alexa when to pause, resume, move forward, go back, or change volume.

The Signature has 32 gigabytes of storage and the Standard has 8 gigs. That's a big difference, but you can still read and store a lot of books with 8 gigabytes (around 5,000). If you mostly listen to audiobooks, you may want to go for the Signature, since those tend to take up more room. Still, if you want to save some cash, just clean out your backlog; you can remove a book from your device without deleting it entirely from your Amazon account. The 2021 Paperwhites all have USB-C charging, but the Signature supports wireless charging.

If you're investing in a Kindle this expensive, you may also want the premium leather cover to complete that luxe feel. On the downside, it's too large to fit in many pockets. If your library includes a ton of audiobooks, you'll want the 32-gigabyte option, which is $30 more.

You may want to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for $10 a month. You can only choose from the Unlimited catalog, but there are millions of titles there, including audiobooks and magazines. There's a 30-day free trial you should take advantage of.

A worker checks a shipment of outgoing boxes at the warehouse facility in New Castle, Delaware, November 24, 2006. Inc said on Thursday that it reached an agreement to buy Audible Inc, a provider of digital audiobooks, for $11.50 a share, in a deal that bolsters the online retailer's offerings of audio downloads. REUTERS/Tim Shaffer

Gift-giving season is upon us again, and what better way to share a story with a loved one than by sending an audiobook? Audiobooks are convenient, affordable, and versatile. But there are so many ways to gift audiobooks nowadays that the sheer number of options can be overwhelming.

There are two primary methods of gifting audiobooks. The first is the traditional way of sending an individual audiobook (à la carte), which has the advantage of being able to personalize your gift selection and tailor it to your recipient. The second way (and the most popular method) is through an audiobook subscription.

Let's start with the obvious one: Amazon's Audible. Audible is easily accessible through a number of devices, including the popular Alexa devices. There are a few ways to gift audiobooks from Amazon and Audible:

Storytel is a subscription service based in Sweden. Gift subscriptions for Storytel can be purchased from their website for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months at a time, and subscribers are able to listen to unlimited audiobooks throughout their subscription.

Audible vs adding Audible narration can be a bit tricky, so how do you know which one to use? All you need to do is add the cost of the Kindle ebook to the cost of buying the add on narration (in the case of Pride and Prejudice, $0 + $7.49). If the sum is less than what you pay for Audible every month, then you should buy through the add on narration feature instead of using your Audible credit.

Audible has two membership options. The classic one-credit-a-month plan, known as Audible Premium Plus, will let you choose a title in their library to keep and listen to any title they have. They also now have a cheaper option called Audible Plus, which is like a streaming service for audiobooks where you can listen to all you want a month at a time.

Audible is not free with an Amazon Prime membership. However, if you choose to get a free trial of Audible Premium Plus then you get to select 2 audiobooks to keep instead of just one!

With this section, you can create your own groups of audiobooks. This makes it really easy to keep track and listen to just what you want to at the right time. This makes finding books a lot easier, and sharing some of your favorites with others, too! I also really like that it makes it possible for me to split up the fiction and non-fiction books that I listen to.

Audiobooks make fantastic gifts. They can transport your friends and loved ones to a faraway place, teach them something new, or make a long commute less boring. This makes audiobooks a fitting gift for any book lover.

Amazon's downloadable audiobooks are only available through Audible. You'll have to use a workaround if you'd rather gift an audiobook that isn't tied to Audible. You see, Amazon still sells audiobooks on CD. And you can have them gift-wrapped and sent to your loved one if you'd like. If your recipient wants their audiobook in a digital format, once they have the CD, they can technically do what they want with it.

With prices comparable to Audible, this is a similarly attractive option, especially if you'd rather stay away from Amazon. And if you know that the audiobook fan you're buying for already listens via, it's a good way to go.

Unfortunately, Downpour doesn't have any gifting options available. However, because their audiobooks are DRM-free, you can simply buy one yourself and send it to your gift recipient. They can then use an audiobook app to listen to it, as they would do with an audiobook they purchased themselves.

But if you'd rather let your book lover choose their own titles, you can do that, too. offers credit bundles, starting at $30 for two credits. This gets the recipient their choice of as many audiobooks as their credits will buy them. Visit the Gift Center to get started.

Like Audible, Scribd is a popular subscription service and one of the best websites for downloading audiobooks. This platform lets readers access one audiobook and three ebooks a month. The standard subscription fee is $11.99/month, but you can buy a gift subscription for $59.99 (for six months) or $119.99 (for 12 months), saving up to 15% on the regular price. Just head to the Scribd gift page to get started.

Whether your gift recipient is a long-time fan of audiobooks or just starting to explore the medium, giving them an individual book or a subscription is a perfect way to support their hobby. Audiobooks are the kind of splurge that book lovers might hold back on because listening seems like cheating.

You used to be able to purchase digital content within Amazon apps until May 2022. It was possible to get the best movies, ebooks, music, and audiobooks without jumping through extra hoops on your favorite Android phone. You can still use the Amazon Shopping app to buy physical goods, but when you want digital content, you need to go a different route. We explain how you do this and show you how to bring back in-app purchases to Amazon apps.

The difference so far is that most U.S. movies and a lot of US and British TV series are available at your public library as a DVD or through your library electronic holds. Not so with the exclusive amazon audiobooks.So far it sounds like they will never allow public libraries to pay them so those audiobooks are available to folks that can not afford $180 dollars a year for the privilege.It is reasonable to ask Amazon to change that policy (and they, of course, would get paid for library use so that is not the holdup)

When you suggest that we switch from Audible to Libra, does that mean that I can only get a Libra account if I close down my Audible account? I am happy to support my local bookstore, but I would also still like to have access to some Audible titles, especially if they are Audible Exclusives. Thank you. I actually get most of my audiobooks through my regional libraries, but Audible is useful if I need a title in a hurry for a book club.

Hi, Paul. Thank you for your feedback. While we are unaware of any current legal proceedings to this effect, we do champion accessibility for audiobooks and their listeners. Thanks for your support, and for joining the conversation.

Thanks for commenting, Brian! We firmly believe that audiobooks and the knowledge and perspectives they contain should be accessible to a wide audience, including bookstore and library patrons. Thanks for sharing your perspective. 041b061a72


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