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Rezo Bragin
Rezo Bragin

Gay Teen Orgies

The hotel had seemed enticing in the weekend colour supplement, and advertised itself as of seventeenth-century origins, 'tastefully upgraded for modern comforts'. That sounded ideal to me, but it was really the quiet and some good food that I was wanting.

gay teen orgies

I went down to eat at about 8, wearing an open-necked white shirt and dark trousers. I was pleased to see the two Spanish teenagers sitting across the room, and again we smiled at each other and I acknowledged them with a nod. They had obviously showered and changed too since their arrival, as both were now in fresh white t-shirts and jeans. They were a horny pair. Their meal was already well advanced, and they left the room before my main course arrived. I had thought at one stage of going off for a walk after dinner, but I was pretty tired so I changed my plans and headed back to my room, deciding that a bit of television and an earlyish night was about all I could cope with. If only I knew...!

I got up in my bulging briefs and walked towards the chink of light, and brought my eye up to the crack in the panel. I think I may have gasped audibly at what I saw, because there, less than three feet from me on the other side of the panelling, were the two Spanish teenagers. The younger one, Juan, was leaning with his hands behind him on the wash basin looking down at his companion, who was kneeling on the floor in front of him. Both boys were still wearing their t-shirts, but their jeans had disappeared. Instead, they had both put on shiny white nylon soccer shorts, identical pairs (clearly they were members of the same soccer team). And the boy on the floor was working his mouth over the front of his young friend's nylon shorts!

It was such an incredibly erotic situation, the sort of thing fantasies are made of, spying on tow horny young teens lost in their own need to pleasure each other. What made it wilder for me, was the get-up - the all white strip of nylon shorts and bright t-shirt made them look like a pair of young professional soccer players - maybe they were - and so far as I am concerned there is nothing hotter. Even down to the their socks, again brilliantly white, everything was perfect for me, and I began to leak serious amounts of my pearly precum honey into my silk briefs. My hand continued to massage very gently - I wanted this to last.

Carlos had his mouth positioned over Juan's teenmeat, which pressed through the shining nylon, and as I watched I saw him close his lips over the shape formed by the youngster's knobhead in the material. Carlos began to headbob his dark young friend, who threw his head back so that his curly hair was reflected in the mirror above the wash basin. After a few minutes of this, by which time Juan's shorts had got really wet from the suck session, Carlos stood up and the two lads closed up together and began to kiss. As they did so, each of them let his hand rest on the outside of the other's shorts, and they gently massages each other through the tightly-packed nylon.

This got me really so excited, that my precum was now flooding from my mushroom head and forming a wet patch in my briefs. The Spanish teens continued to kiss, each of them feeling the hard young cockflesh filling the nylon shorts of his companion. Jean's legs were parted wide as he rested his buttocks lightly on the basin. Carlos followed suit, and both lads stroked and pressed the hard teenmeat throbbing gently in the nylon. I had such a privileged view of all this that I began to wonder if this was a set-up - could they perhaps be aware that I was there and were they performing for an audience because it turned them on? It seemed unlikely, but on the other hand they might well have seen the light from my room before I had seen theirs, in which case they might well have been watching me as I lay on my bed wanking off in my silk briefs. It was a nice thought!

Carlos began to produce low moans deep in his throat, and I could hear it clearly. Suddenly, Juan began to tug his friend's shorts sown his smooth thighs, and down they slid to his ankles. I gasped when I saw that beneath the white nylon shorts Carlos was wearing a see-through nylon string - so fucking throbbing with his dark hot boycock that I almost fainted with delight. I could see the flesh of his young cock move under the transparent nylon, and was delighted when he lightly began to feather his boymeat through the wisp of material. Wit that, Juan tugged at his own soccer shorts, and they slid down to his ankles. And, just as they had been dressed identically in shorts and t-shirts, now I saw that Juan too was wearing a transparent nylon pouch, the only difference being that his was a powder blue whereas Carlos's was cream. Like Carlos, Juan lightly stroked his hot hard dick through the sexy nylon, and I could clearly see the two teencocks giving and moving beneath the flimsy threads of material. Both youngsters were well- endowed, with hard teenage cocks filling their seethrough pouches.

Then they let their hands move across and took over the gentle rubbing of their teenmeat from each other, and the lads were now clearly panting for it. And then, to my genuine amazement and delight, Carlos turned around and looked directly at the crack in the wall and smiled broadly at me, saying something in Spanish to Juan as he did so. So they did know I was there! They moved even closer to the wooden panel so that they were just a few inches the other side of the partition, and faced me side by side, their bulging cockmounds filling their hot boypouches with throbbing young dick. Each boy still had his hand on the other's rod trapped in its nylon prison, and gently gave wanking strokes through the glistening pouch. I could see clearly Juan's foreskin moving freely back and forth over his fleshy tip, the sparkling precum smearing the nylon with warm drops of pearly juice. Carlos meanwhile was pressing his hard-on tightly against the cream-coloured g-string, and he too seemed to be dampening the transparent nylon with his teenage precum juices. I matched the slow rhythm of their masturbation with a stroking motion of my own, and slipped my hand down inside the front of my wet briefs to smear the full length of my shaft with cobweb strands of precum. I was close to cumming now, and I could tell that the two boys wouldn't be long either.

Suddenly, Carlos flipped Juan's teenmeat from the confining nylon pouch, and the youngster's throbbing stiffness stood proudly away from his smooth flat stomach, quivering urgently and dripping pearly precum onto the floor. A dark mass of the youngster's hair set off his cock and balls beautifully, but otherwise he was smooth and hairless. Juan pulled his t-shirt upwards to free his nipples, which he caressed gently as Carlos wanked his 7 inches of boyflesh. Carlos reached down to his own cock and tugged it free from his nylon g-string, wanked it gently for about 15 seconds, groaning loudly now as he did so, and then suddenly and without warning he tucked Juan's youthful boymeat back inside the skimpy nylon pouch just as the Spanish teenager's back buckled and his gush of thick creamy spunk began to flood the tightly-packed nylon.

I opened the door quickly and they came straight in, and turned the key behind them. But a moment later there was yet another quiet but firm knock, and we all looked at each other. The knock came again, Juan unlocked the door, and it was pushed quickly open as Stephen, the blond porter hurried in. He was still wearing his hotel uniform, of white shirt and black trousers. And he looked so horny, as he took us in in a glance, me in just a pair of cum-filled briefs and the two dark teenagers in their full soccer shorts and fresh white t-shirts. This was getting better by the minute!

Back in the bedroom, I found that Stephen was already receiving attention from the Spanish boys. The cute young porter was lying back on the bed, and either side of him was a dark-haired teenager, caressing him through his white shirt. They had already begun to unbutton it, and his creamy-smooth chest was exposed. Juan had started to unzip Stephen's black trousers, and I moved closer to join in the fun. I rested my hand on Juan's nylon-covered arse cheeks, enjoying the feeling of his hard young buttocks pressing outwards as he bent over the reclining figure of the young porter. I pushed and moulded his cheeks under my hand, feeling the slight give of his firm flesh beneath the shiny nylon. It was sensational!

Carlos stood up as I began to feel up his companion through the white nylon shorts. After a minute or so, Carlos moved behind me and reached in front of me, and his hand began to fiddle with the catch at the top of my jeans. In return, I reached behind me and made contact with the front of his nylon shorts, so that now I had one hand on Juan's tight bum, pressing eagerly back into my hand, and the other over the front of his friend's cockmeat. And both boys were dressed in white nylon shorts, so that my hands made contact with the teenagers through the horny slippery nylon fabric. This was heaven on earth! Carlos's hot hard cock pushed firmly against my hand through his shorts, and the recently wanked cock felt ready for action again. As I rubbed the teen dick through the tight nylon, my gaze was fixed on Stephen who lay back on the bed, legs wide open. His trousers had now been unzipped, and Juan was tugging them down his legs.

Beneath his black trousers, Stephen wore a pair of creamy silk boxers, and only this sexy garment hid his hardening boymeat from our sight. His white shirt was unbuttoned completely, and the bright colour was a horny contrast to the softer cream of his boxers. Juan leant forward and started to massage Stephen's teenage cockmeat through the soft silk, and the porter sighed ecstatically. Meanwhile, I still had one hand over Juan's tight teenage bum, and I was really enjoying the firm flesh under my grasp.

Meanwhile my eyes were fixed on the bed, and I couldn't stop looking at the way that Juan was rubbing young Stephen through his silk boxers. The porter filled his boxers very temptingly with a large packet of student boycock, and I just loved watching the Spanish teenager feeling up his new English friend whose wide-open legs pushed the bulging boxers upwards and forward. Then I saw that Stephen's eyes were wide open and fixed on me as eagerly as I was watching him! He was transfixed by the sight of Carlos standing behind me, his hand round the front of me stroking my not hard cock in my white nylon briefs. We caught each other's look then, and smiled, and Stephen indicated clearly that he wanted me to move closer to him. I read his lips as he mouthed 'I want to suck your cock.' 041b061a72


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