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Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion Xl

Space Ghost greets the player once again as he tells everyone he got a brand new remote. As he flicks through every show, he discovers that Vilgax came back along with a team of other villians. But this time, they were in another show such as Regular Show. The place was full of chaos that Space Ghost decides to view other cartoons.The same thing happens. All of the cartoons were in MASS chaos again. Espescially in Dexter's Labortory, Powerpuff Girls, Courage The Cowardly Dog, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Chowder, Ben 10, etc.It cuts back to Ben Tennyson all over again as he descovers Vilgax has returned with a band of villians from other shows, leaving him heading to Regular Show.

Cartoon network punch time explosion xl

Punch Time Explosion is at its best in Story mode, but even here it has some serious problems. An evil force is corrupting the universes of numerous Cartoon Network characters, providing a fine excuse for the Powerpuff Girls, Numbuh One, Dexter, and a bunch of other CN stars to band together and battle evil. The enthusiastic and funny narration by a CN voice-over guy who just wanted to relax and enjoy some cartoons on his day off lends the story an authentic Cartoon Network soul. Platforming takes priority over punching here, and bounding across chasms and over hazards with each character's double jump is pleasant enough. Or at least it usually is; some sections crank up the challenge in ways that only result in frustration. For instance, at one point you must make your way across a series of floating barrels that have a tendency to spin when you land on them, making it overly difficult to get your footing and make the leap to the next barrel. What makes this and situations like it doubly irritating is that losing all of your lives often results in a significant setback, requiring you to repeat minutes of easy gameplay to get back to the tricky bit.

Your side-scrolling escapades are also frequently put on hold when you're required to defeat a number of small-time bad guys or a single, more powerful cartoon character. These turn out to be some of the worst moments of Punch Time Explosion's Story mode, since they can almost always be won by repeating a specific signature move over and over. On occasion, you're required to protect a character as you defeat 25 enemies, a situation that encourages you to rely on this tedious but effective approach to knock the bad guys away from the clueless and vulnerable character you must keep safe. Other diversions also crop up from time to time in the form of basic turret shooting sequences, mine cart levels, and the like, and these are more welcome, preventing the platforming from growing stale. New in Punch Time Explosion XL is the opportunity to tackle Story mode with up to three friends, playing locally. Of course, sharing the adventure with friends makes it more enjoyable, but the game doesn't always make the experience an accommodating one. If one player runs out of lives, he or she may be sitting things out for several minutes.

Samurai Jack. That show was about more than just violence or action. It had a real focus on artistry and sound design. Sometimes it would emphasize things I never thought a cartoon would care about. Just an incredible synesthetic experience. Genndy Tartakovsky needs to get to work on the movie asap.


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