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Visual Pinball 1080p Vs 4kl

I am at the point in my build where I am ready to spring from my 42" or 43" playfield, but I am torn between using a 4K or 1080p tv.I have TPA, FX2, Future Pinball and Visual Pinball ready to go, but I am not sure if these system will support 4K or if the extra resolution is worth the extra price. For the price of a 4k tv, I could get a playfield and backglass monitor. At the same time though, I want the best looking playfield that I can afford.What to do?Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro

Visual Pinball 1080p Vs 4kl

Lots of discussion on 4K here before. Most if not all the software I believe renders at 1080p so the 4k maybe a bit of overkill. I'd be more concerned with response time and viewing angle on a display.

Is there really that much of a difference between a 4k and 1080p HD setup for the playfield? Was planning to update my cab with new hardware so I can use my existing PC for my Mame cab since it is more then suitable for mame etc. But it seems like I'm seeing recommendations for gtx 1080 graphics card which appears to be run in the $500 range + another couple hundred for an I7 processor etc. Right now I am running in I5 cpu and a 1050 ti card. It works pretty good for the most part though you do get some stutter now and then. definitely not perfect by any means, but playable. Just wondering how worth it is it to build in an I7 with a new board and all? seems like it's gonna run me near 1k by the time it's all said and done. Ugh!

Not sure which i5 you have, there may be some things to tweak, but it is possible you are running up against the limit of what the CPU can keep up with.There are lots of options (just wait a bit till the prices go back to normal and everything is not out of stock) for a new PCand at 1080p you have a huge amount of options for something that does not cost 1000 dollarsAnd it does not necessarily have to be intel/nvidia

That being said, if one's budget options entailed the cheapest route to 4k or sticking with a good solid 1080p setupstick with the 1080p.What anyone else has or thinks does not matter, you are the one that plays your cabinet.You look at it, you play it, if it makes you happy, then it is perfect.

I built my cabinet earlier this year and used parts basically laying around the house, including a 32" 720p tv for the backglass, a 15" Dell monitor for the DMD and a 42" 1080p Toshiba TV for the playfield. The PC was an original i7 with a Radeon R9 390 which had to be around five years old. I was extremely happy with the play and had very few stutters. It looked and played great and I got compliments from everyone who played it..

A few weeks ago my son purchased a new Nvidia 3060 so he gave me his 2060. I threw it in my PC, brought my Insignia 43" 4k tv down and connected it up outside of the cabinet just to see if I could notice a difference from 1080p to 4k.

If one is extremely good, and has all that pinball finesse Very possibly, they will notice the input latency in their gameplay.Me? i wont, i'm a hack, i have no finesse, no great pinball skill, i wont know the difference.Oh, i know it in a technical sense very well, but that does not translate to my actual gameplay.

I play on 1080p and enjoy it - I sometime just change resolution to 4k .. just to tell myself how stupid I was that didn't go for Nvidia 1060 or better. But, then I tell to myself. You can always upgrade, and one day I will. In one year from now I can get something that is better than 1060, so I don't really kick myself that hard for the mistake.

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This approach has some downsides. For one, it's hard to findultra-wide TVs in our size range. The format never caught on withconsumers, so there aren't very many models available. For another,you might be making things hard on yourself when it comes timeto setting up software. Almost everyone uses 16:9 TVs or monitorsfor playing pinball, so most of the software assumes that layout.

This video is to help people discover whether or not virtual pinball can actually be good or not! I'll let you be the judge. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more gameplay footage of your favorite titles coming soon!

Virtual pinball will never be the same or better then real pinball as at the end of the day its a simulation of something that exists in the real world. Pinball is physical with real world mechs, features, buttons, pinballs, etc. Replicating the physical parts of pinball virtually is fake.

Virtual pinball sure has come a long way from when I was into the scene. The visuals are amazing, but unfortunately the physics still aren't there yet. For me that's the biggest part of the pinball experience.

There was recently a slow motion video of a game playing that showed what actually happens in 1/100th of a second in a game and there was a surprising amount of weirdness going on, like the flipper rubbers jump off the flippers, or mechs move and flex slightly.None of this is replicated in fake pinball. The physics of the real thing are just better.

If you put all the mechanical objects from a real machine in yours then you will start to see the light bulb go off in your head. This is not a wooden box with buttons and screens. It can be much more immersive than that. If you are building a machine with the intent of just sticking a tv in a box you are probably never going to appreciate virtual pinball!

Virtual pinball will never be the same or better then real pinball as at the end of the day its a simulation of something that exists in the real world. Pinball is physical with real world mechs, features, buttons, pinballs, etc. Replicating the physical parts of pinball virtually is fake.Virtual pinball is kinda like flight and racing sims which are fun and great learning tools but in no way replace the real deal.

I used a 1080p 60hz 37" Visio... it's not "super fluid" but gets the job done. Building a VP cabinet is pricey enough with the gaming PC and the cabinet hardware, 4k is not needed but it looks good. Some of us have an advantage of being a maker, which goes a long way when building a VP cab.

Nope. Physics are not even close even with VPX. Sorry but they are not. The POV is fixed which looks cool when you are shooting it on a camera in a fixed position. The illusion breaks when you start moving your head. Every game I have seen is waaaaay too bright like it is surrounded by pinstadiums. It doesn't help that a screen only emits lights while playfield can emit AND reflect light. Simulated lighting like flashers is decent but does not compare to light coming from the actual point on the playfield as opposed to the perimeter. Ball looks weird at times like it is too large. The width to length ratio of pinball playfields vary but universally are longer compared to 16:9 playfield. The POV is used to compensate for this but the screen is still shorter so it breaks the illusion.

Those are just the ones off the top of my head. Virtual pinball is great. I was part of a small group that pushed towards actual vpin cabinets and helped with the development of the original hyperpin front end. I would still like one in my house one day but I have a hard time choosing one over a real game. Will probably pick up an Arcade1up AFM and put it in a place where a normal pin cannot fit in my game room.

On a virtual pinball, the information comes from the button that is connected to an interface which is connected to a USB on the PC. The PC then processes the information and transmits it to the screen via a HDMI cable, which in turn processes the signal received to transform it into a visible image.Each phase of this data transmission takes time, infinitesimal for some and longer for others, but especially on the screen which often takes the largest part of lost time.

This software, coupled with the other emulators, justifies by itself the need to have a front end. It allows you to display interactive videos related to the game. The possibilities are immense, such as adding videos for licensed pinball machines based on a movie.

Whether English or French speaking, the virtual pinball community never ceases to amaze me. Often innovative, the little pinheads who play vpins are always on the lookout for THE good idea that will revolutionize our toys.

Since I started this passion, two prestigious table-sharing sites have disappeared: and This is due to a general lack of interest or untimely spats whose source was often the famous packs.

It could be the perfect companion for a competitor who wants to practice pinball machines before a tournament, or an ingenious addition to collectors who would like to get an idea of a possible future acquisition.

This virtual pinball/arcade combo machine may recreate the atmosphere of a classic pizza restaurant and family night. More than 300 renowned, real pinball games are already preloaded on it.You won't find this level of exquisite craftsmanship in other pinball machines thanks to the superior monitor, thick tempered glass, and vintage pinball buttons.This commercial-grade virtual pinball machine is built with premium components utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. A fantastic addition to any collection, arcade, bar, playground, and more! 350c69d7ab


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