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Judwaa 2 mp4 movie download in hindi: A guide to watch this action-packed comedy online or offline

Judwaa 2 mp4 movie download in hindi: How to watch this hilarious comedy online

If you are looking for a fun-filled movie that will make you laugh out loud, then you should definitely check out , a Bollywood comedy film that was released in 2017. Judwaa 2 is a remake of the 1997 hit film Judwaa, which starred Salman Khan in a double role. Judwaa 2 features Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Taapsee Pannu in the lead roles, and is directed by David Dhawan, who also directed the original film.

Judwaa 2 mp4 movie download in hindi


Judwaa 2 is a hilarious story of twin brothers who are separated at birth and reunite as adults to take on a smuggling mafia. The film is full of comedy, action, romance, and music, and will keep you entertained from start to finish. In this article, we will tell you more about Judwaa 2 and how you can watch it online in mp4 format in hindi. So, read on and get ready to laugh your heart out with Judwaa 2.

What is Judwaa 2 about?

Judwaa 2 is a comedy film that revolves around the lives of Raja and Prem, twin brothers who are born in Mumbai but get separated as infants due to a villainous plot. Raja grows up in Mumbai as a street-smart and fearless orphan, while Prem grows up in London as a timid and nerdy musician. They have no idea about each other's existence, until fate brings them together in London.

There, they meet their love interests, Alishka and Samaara, who are also unaware of their twin identities. However, they also cross paths with Charles, a notorious smuggler who wants to kill them for a precious diamond that Raja unknowingly possesses. As Raja and Prem switch places and confuse everyone around them, they also discover their true bond and join forces to fight against Charles and his gang.

Judwaa 2 is a laugh riot that will make you enjoy the antics of the twins and their romantic escapades. The film also pays tribute to the original Judwaa by featuring Salman Khan in a cameo appearance as the original twins. The film also has some catchy songs that will make you groove along with the characters.

Who are the stars of Judwaa 2?

Judwaa 2 boasts of a talented cast and crew who have done a splendid job in making this film a blockbuster hit. Here are some of the stars of Judwaa 2 and their roles in the film:

Varun Dhawan as Raja and Prem

Varun Dhawan is the main attraction of Judwaa 2, as he plays the double role of Raja and Prem with ease and flair. He showcases his versatility as an actor by portraying two contrasting characters with different personalities, accents, and styles. He also impresses with his comic timing, action skills, and dance moves. He has successfully reprised the iconic role that Salman Khan played in Judwaa, and has added his own charm and charisma to it.

Jacqueline Fernandez as Alishka

Jacqueline Fernandez plays Alishka, a rich and beautiful girl who falls in love with Prem at first sight. She is unaware of his twin brother Raja, and gets confused when she sees him behaving differently at times. She is glamorous, bubbly, and sweet, and shares a great chemistry with Varun Dhawan. She also sizzles on screen with her stunning outfits and dance numbers.

Taapsee Pannu as Samaara

Taapsee Pannu plays Samaara, a college student who is smitten by Raja's charm and attitude. She is also oblivious of his twin brother Prem, and gets baffled when she sees him acting shy and nerdy at times. She is smart, spunky, and fun-loving, and matches Varun Dhawan's energy on screen. She also showcases her comic timing and dance skills in the film.

Other supporting actors

Judwaa 2 also features some amazing supporting actors who add to the humor and entertainment quotient of the film. Some of them are:

  • Anupam Kher as Balraj Bakshi, Alishka's father who is a wealthy businessman.

  • Rajpal Yadav as Nandu, Raja's loyal friend who accompanies him to London.

  • Johnny Lever as Pappu Passport, a funny travel agent who helps Raja and Nandu get their passports.

  • Sachin Khedekar as Rajeev Malhotra, Prem's father who is a renowned psychiatrist.

  • Ali Asgar as Doctor Lulla, Rajeev's colleague who treats Prem for his reflex disorder.



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